Sign in screen

A simple sign in for Dispatch Operators to login to the system so that the work they do is assigned to their user account.

Police dispatch sign-in sketch


Police Dispatch sign-in

Primary personas

Primary personas were created to provide insight on demographics, age, background and main user-tasks of people trained to the system.

Police dispatch persona sketch


Police dispatch dashboard Kevin persona


Police dispatch dashboard Meghan persona

Secondary personas

With the secondary personas I tried to think outside of the box (e.g. hostage negotiation, bomb squad, previous Police field experience, etc) as I though it would generate more creative ideas and ultimately a better user interface.

Police dispatch dashboard Dwayne persona


Police dispatch dashboard Sarah persona


From here call operators and dispatch officers can get an overview of what’s happening at any one time.

Police Dispatch requirements spreadsheet


Police Dispatch dashboard wireframe


Police dispatch dashboard

Jobs and units screens

Depending on how the user wants to work they can manage their workflow from the dashboard, the jobs or units page.

Police dispatch dashboard jobs


Police dispatch dashboard units

Streaming video

Where possible police can get a better view of what’s happening in a particular area if there happens to be a CCTV camera.

Police dispatch dashboard cameras


Police dispatch dashboard cameras streaming video


There’s a map where you can get a better view of where jobs and resources are based on a location. The rings around an address help to indicate the distance a person is to their destination.

Police dispatch dashboard map


Police dispatch map assign units

Taking calls

The process of taking calls can be very stressful trying to find the information you need to capture all the relevant aspects of each call to ensure nothing is missed that could be helpful to those out in the field. Well craft form fields with hint-text help with ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

Police dispatch dashboard jobs with alerts


A prototype was built to show the user-flows. Try it for yourself –