Everything you need to know

The splash screen uses beautiful beach imagery to allude to the fact the app was designed especially for cruise line passengers. The checklist is a simple reminder of all the things to think about before coming into New Zealand. The emphasis is placed on trying to maximise the time the traveller has at each port.

Coming to New Zealand splash screenComing to New Zealand checklist

Explore popular NZ destinations

Map navigation is an interactive way for travellers to learn more about NZ’s geography and research their next destination.

Coming to New Zealand locations most popular portsComing to New Zealand locations most popular ports full screen

Great travel tips for each location

Each individual port location provides access points to necessary travel information and is designed to answer most travellers’ questions. The feature also encourages people to return to the app while staying up-to-date and well informed with MPI’s biosecurity requirement.

Coming to New Zealand locations most popular ports WellingtonComing to New Zealand locations most popular ports Wellington scrolled down

What can you bring in with you?

Travellers can research which risk items the can (and can not) bring into New Zealand. The “Most asked about” are the top 12 items (based on MPI’s intercept data) and is designed to catch the low hanging fruit or 90% of infringements. “View categories” allows a person to find obscure risk-items and learn more about NZ’s biosecurity laws.

Coming to New Zealand risk items most asked aboutComing to New Zealand risk items view categories

Find out what you’ll need to do

The Declare and Dispose screens for each risk item makes no confusion about an items status and provides information to clearly and concisely answer the “what” and “why” and provide some context around the law. If a person has any question or want to challenge a decision we have made it easy for people to ask questions and/or get more information.

Coming to New Zealand risk items disposeComing to New Zealand risk items declare

Get answers to your questions

These screens didn’t make it into the app final version of the app, however they were still heaps of fun to design.

Coming to New Zealand contact send an emailComing to New Zealand I'm travelling from

Rapid prototyping

Prototypes were created to quickly show people how the app works and basic functionality for user-testing.