Account settings

This was a lot of fun to create. For this screen I focused heavily on typography and grids to create a simple and uncluttered interface.

StrategyBlocks iPad app account settings

Accept payments

On this screen you can check the status of you subscription and if needed be renew/purchase new licenses.

StrategyBlocks iPad app payment steps

Blocks timeline view

The early stages of designing my first dashboard app. I’m still busy trying to figure out a lot of the smaller details so there’s a ton of functionality missing.

StrategyBlocks iPad app block timeline view

Block interaction

A design concept of how the UI/UX could potentially work on the HTML5/CSS3 mouse-based platform.

StrategyBlocks iPad app block interaction

Navigation system

A simple breakdown of the main navigation used within the product. I wanted the person using the product to quickly understand how things were grouped together logically to eliminate the time to find the right item.


StrategyBlocks iPad app navigation system complete

Custom product icons

This was my first attempt at creating my own custom icon set. The icons are based on a 24×24 px grid (I wasn’t confident enough to try 16px icons just yet).

StrategyBlocks iPad app custom product icons