Welcome screen

A simple welcome screen to tell the person it’s going to take around 10 minutes to complete the registration process.

StrategyBlocks online registration welcome

Account details

The simple task of creating a new user account with built-in form validation to assist with the process along the way.

StrategyBlocks online registration account details

Strategic plan duration

Customized form elements to quickly select the start and end date. Especially happy with how the date picker came out!

StrategyBlocks online registration strategic plan duration

Strategic hierarchy levels

Throughout the whole process we wanted to describe exactly what was happening and why. By introducing headings, sub-headings and intro text in plain English it made it easier for people to understand why they were doing a task.

StrategyBlocks online registration strategic hierarchy levels

Strategic hierarchy levels (pop-up)

In some cases good copy writing wasn’t enough we had to back it up with a diagram to further explain a more complex concept. A picture it worth a thousand words.

StrategyBlocks online registration strategic hierarchy levels (with pop-up)


At the completion of the process people have the option to connect and stay up-to-date with new features and improvements. It’s also a great way to encourage customer feedback!

StrategyBlocks online registration connect