Dashboard view

The simple dashboard allows you to configure carious colour and layout options to easily adjust the look and feel of the widget. This generates a code snippet which you can then copy and paste into the HTML of your site.

Weather OnDemand dashboard

Colour selection

I experimented with various colour selection option but in the end I thought predefined colour theme would eliminate people creating colour schemes similar ti that of a 90’s MySpace page.

Weather OnDemand colour wheel

Layout options

Here are just a few of some of the weather widget options. A live preview is always present during the creation process allowing you to find the desired colour palette and layout options for your website.

Weather OnDemand dashboard reponsive layout options

Responsive widget dashboard

This is a mock-up of what the dashboard looks like on an iPad mini. The dashboard also looks great and works well on all smart phones as well.

Weather OnDemand dashboard iPad