1. I’m a qualified barista

I love everything to do with coffee. A few years back, I decided to do an intensive 3-Day “City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills” course to learn more about making better coffee at home. To be fair, I tell most people I’m a qualified barista so you may already know this.


2. I had a black belt in Taekwon-Do

When I was 15, I earned a black belt in Taekwon-Do and the same year became a New Zealand National Referee and Judge. Even though I haven’t done Taekwon-Do for years, I still love the sport and watching martial art movies.

Black belt in Taekwondo

3. I’m extremely allergic to tomatoes (among other things)

When I was in my mid-20’s, I developed an allergy to dairy and nightshade (tomato, capsicum and potato) which makes eating out difficult, yet not impossible. Oh, did I mention I’m also allergic to bees?


4. I collect TOOL vinyl

My first introduction to the band was after their 3rd studio release, Ænima in 1996 and I’ve been a MASSIVE fan ever since. I became a member of TOOL Army (fan club) in 2005 and have been lucky enough to see them perform live in concert three times.

5. I caught my first wave at 10

When I was 10 years old, I caught my first wave after borrowing a friend’s bodyboard. The unforgettable feeling of catching a wave has stayed with me ever since. I transitioned from bodyboarding to surfing in 2007 and have not looked back. The photo below was taken at an artificial wave at Adventure Parc in Snowdonia, Wales

Adventure Parc in Snowdonia

6. I used to work in tech support

In a past life, I used to work in tech support for network and servers. It was a great job while I was travelling and I was able to pick-up work relatively easily. However, when I got back to New Zealand in 2006 I decided to retrain and began studying Design, which is the second-best job I’ve ever had.

7. I taught sailing in America

The best job I’ve ever had was teaching American kids how to sail, kayak and canoe in upstate New York. As an American Red Cross Lifeguard, I worked on the lake at Camp Lokanda for four years between 2003-2006. Besides America, I’ve also lived and worked in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.


8. I met my wife while we were both working at a summer camp

I met my Canadian wife, Alison in 2003 while we were both working as Counselors at Camp Lokanda. We got married in 2007, bought a house, have a couple of kids and a dog. My brother met his wife when they were both working at the same summer camp as well.


9. Fell off a ladder when I was designing a health and safety app

I broke my leg while I was painting our house and I fell off the ladder. At the hospital, I had to fill out a form explaining how the accident happened.

‪Current employer: ACC‬ (New Zealand Health & Safety)
‪What are you doing for them: Designing an app for Health and Safety (there was a module on working on ladders).

Well played, irony :)


10. I’ve had 15 minutes of TV fame

I broke my scapula (shoulder blade) in three places a couple of weeks after purchasing a new mountain bike. I went over the handlebars riding downhill, the bike flipped and the seat catapulted into my shoulder.

I got back to my feet and tried walking the bike down the hill, however, I was in too much pain. I asked a friend to call 111 (NZ emergency) to see if someone could come to get me. At the very least, I was expecting a quad bike or jeep.

My heart sunk when I saw a helicopter coming over the horizon and my initial thought was “I hope my shoulder’s broken and not just a deep bruise” as I would never live it down. When the helicopter landed, rescue people jumped out along with a camera crew. They asked me to sign a waiver giving my permission to be filmed. I’m not really a huge fan of reality TV, however, I was in so much pain I was happy to sign whatever to get down the mountain.

Fast forward six weeks later, when I took my bike back into the shop for a complimentary service… my arm still in a sling.


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