30 Minutes to Mars font

I recently read an article by David Wehmeyer called “One Year of Design” which really resonated with me. The idea is you spend at least 30 minutes every day creating something to eventually reach your goal. I gave this design process the name “30 Minutes to Mars”. This is the same approach I use on to create many of my other side-projects – it’s a great way to learn new skills, explore different disciplines and ideas.

Selected logos

A small collection of some of the logos I have designed for myself, friends and startups over the years. I normally focus on designing products for web and mobile so it’s a great chance to shift gears and design for print every now and again.

CDP Executive lunch invitation

CDP wanted to refresh the current look and feel of the CDP Executive Lunch series invitations. We combined a traditional email based invite with an engaging online campaign to increase invite numbers.

Sentio company brochure

I designed a company overview brochure for Sentio, a New Zealand based SAP Business Intelligence company. The brochure layout was later modified to create a professional PowerPoint template for client presentations and software demonstrations.

Mero PowerPoint template

Mero wanted a professional PowerPoint template to quickly convey what they do, their methodology and their approach for delivering robust and reliable software solutions. A heavy emphasis was placed on simplifying complex business intelligence concepts during client meetings and software demonstrations.

Rich McNabb font

I was inspired by Herbert Bayer’s 1925 experimental universal typeface and wanted to challenge myself to see if I could build upon Herbert’s work. This project was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about typography – I highly recommend it.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint

StrategyBlocks wanted a PowerPoint presentation template to showcase the features of their business strategy software. The look and feel had to be consistent with the current branding and designed in a flexible way that content could easily be adapted for different target audiences and industries.