Playing with colour

I normally being most projects using Google’s Material Design colour palette as a starting point and then modify the colours to suit the project I’m working on.

Always start with a grid

I tend to find if you start with a grid everything will naturally fall into place and it makes it easier to indentify when something isn’t quite right.

isometric cubes grid

Tetris blocks

From there, I decided I wanted to try and recreate the Tetris blocks using isometric shapes.


Exploded view

This designing brings it altogether and shows an exploded view of the shapes interacting with each other.

Shape design process

The build a shape I started with isometric lines, then add colour, subtle gradients and a drop-shadow to add depth and realism to the element.

isometric cubes process

Purchase a framed print

You can also purchase a framed (or unframed) print of the isometric shapes. The ability to customise the white or black frame with the option for international shipping.



isometric cubes illustration process framed