Avalon Consulting

By using a modified version on the 30 Minutes to Mars font I created a few years back I was able to create a simple geometric logo for Avalon Consulting. I really liked the way the “A” and “V” interacted and complemented each other.










P&T Painting

P&T Painting is a local interior and exterior painting company based in Wellington, New Zealand. An extremely professional team and well recommended within the community – a lot of their business comes from word of mouth.




P & T Painting

Australian Ropes Course Builders logo

I designed a logo for Australian Ropes Course Builders (ARCB), a Melbourne based adventure course building company. This logo has the potential to be developed even further, completed projects could be marked by branding the logo into the wooden structures using a branding iron. I wanted to create a minimal and extreme sports feel, the letters are continuous like a length of rope and the square in the middle of the “C” acts like a bolt holding everything together. I thought a modified version of the Handelbar font would be a perfect choice.

Australian Ropes Course Builders (ARCB) logo - light version


Australian Ropes Course Builders (ARCB) logo - dark version

We love to chat

We Love To Chat which is an online customer support chatbot where customers can chat with to get basic information with regards to their account. The idea being, since support staff are not constantly providing the same information to various customers it would free them up to focus their attention on other aspects of improving the business.








Phone Backgrounds

Phone Backgrounds is a free online resource where you can download, create, share and even upload phone background patterns. There are plans to scale up to include animated backgrounds and even high-quality photography.






Spaced logo

Here’s my concept for a minimal logotype for Dann Petty’s #SPACEDchallenge design competition he ran a while back. It started out as a throwaway idea but on reflection, I thought this concept might be okay and began to explore it further. Pretty happy I decided to spend a few extra minutes to see where it took me :)




Grid Photography

Grid photography is an app for iOS, Android, and Windows that allows you to improve the quality of your photos before you share them online. Some of the controls allow you to manipulate the images manually, otherwise, there are some solid default settings which provide great results as well.






Travel Rewards

I want to create a coin similar to once you find in games that had the perception of being something of value and that people would want to collect.

travel-reward-logo travel-reward-logo-colour



Core Banking

I want to create something that was simple on the surface yet complex on further inspection. Core banking (or everyday banking) is a combination of balances, transfers, payments and cards… everything you may interact with on a daily basis.

core banking logo core banking woman shopping