Viewfinder navigation concept

Playing around with a concept I’ve been thinking about lately. Trying to combine the classic 80’s viewfinder toy with simple user interactions. Not sure if it’s got legs – just good to try out some different ideas and go in different directions.

Viewfinder navigation concept

Pixel Art Studio

I’ve been collaborating with a friend to create a suite of retro games with a modern/minimal design.

Pixel Art Studio

Connect your social networks

A simple concept for a contact information screen.


Dark iPad navigation

This is my first attempt at creating my own icons. Nothing too groundbreaking here but it was really fun to put together. The icons are based on a 24×24 grid (I wasn’t confident enough to try 16px icons just yet).

strategyblocks ipad app navigation system

PasswordVault concept

Was experimenting with the idea of a simple fingerprint scanner to access important documents (e.g. passport details, credit card information, etc).


StrategyBuilder icons

I created some unique icons for a strategy building iPad and web interface. These were challenging and a lot of fun to design concepts and bring some personality into the experience.


Tupperwhere (honest logo)

Sometimes it’s fun to take a break from serious design work and design something silly for the fun of it.