Front page question

I wanted to lead the presentation with a question so while people were coming in and finding their seat they would have a chance to think about this while the waited for the presentation to begin.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint template front page question

Front page answer

By having more of an emphasis on people rather than technology – this is the basis of any good strategic management and planning software. A change in the traditional way of thinking. Good people and company culture makes a huge difference and directly impacts the ability to execute strategies.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint template front page answer

Strategy focus areas

Proving a visual breakdown of how the software works and some of the concepts used throughout the product. By giving people the ability to switch between the various views allows users to see their strategy from different perspectives.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint template focus areas

Company roles and responsibilities

A typical breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of an insurance company using the strategy software. The four main areas are encapsulated into one major role, in this example, Project Management.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint template company roles and responsibilities

Strategic execution levels

A diagram explaining some of the more complex concepts from the within the strategic planning software. Similar to focus areas, by switching to this view users are able to examine their strategy in a different light.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint template levels

Calls to actions

Social networking and traditional contact methods are provided at the end of the presentation. It’s also a great chance to get feedback and answer some questions from the audience to provide additional context and clarity.

StrategyBlocks PowerPoint template call to action