Here’s the concept I came up with when designing a logo for a coffee company. I’ve also included some background to better explain my thought process behind the design.

Design process:

I wrote an article about my design process I use to produce work I’m proud of.

  • Start with a brief
  • Establish a timeframe
  • Initial sketching
  • “Digital scrapbooking”
  • Dribbble
  • Resketch initial ideas
  • Set-up the document
  • Get feedback early
  • Explain yourself
  • Reiterate, polish, deliver.

Brand components:

  • Image
  • Company name
  • Established date (to give a feel of authenticity)
Coffee Co. sketches

Logo ideas:

  • Take away cup:  Disposable, unfriendly, throw away solution
  • Cup:  Overdone, could be anything (soup, tea, etc)
  • Portafilter:  Not an easily recognisable object
  • Beans: Overdone, not original enough
  • Grinder:  Not an easily recognisable object
  • French press (plunger): Elegant look, doesn’t produce a clean end result

Logo winner:

  • Stove-top Espresso: Reliable, friendly, social (share it with more than one person), go through a process to get an outcome.
  • Steam: Freshly made, ready-to-enjoy, inviting.


Coffee Co logo