A good friend of mine Phil Mair was kind enough to show me his process for making the perfect cup of tea. With most things if you follow a well designed process you’re more likely to get better results.

Let’s do this

  1. Fill up the kettle with fresh, cold water and boil
  2. Add some of the boiled water into the plunger to warm it up
  3. Empty the water from the plunger
  4. Add 1 x level teaspoon of fresh loose leaf tea for each person having tea
  5. Then add 1 more teaspoon of tea for the plunger (i.e. 3 people having tea = 4 teaspoons)
  6. Allow the boiled water to cool down for approximately 2 minutes then pour into the plunger. This will prevent “burning” the tea leaves
  7. Cover the plunger with the lid and allow it too steep for 3 minutes (no longer)
  8. Stir
  9. Plunge
  10. Serve.