I recently read an article by the talented Mike Kivikoski titled Ideal employment. In the article Mike talks about the benefits of clearly outlining what you are looking for in your next role and ultimately the types of companies you’d like to work for.

I took some time to gather my thoughts and realigning my professional goals with the career path I’d like to follow. The exercise has helped to put things into perspective and provided a clear direction of where’d I’d like to go next.

Here’s my perfect job.

The 4 P’s

  • People: Great team culture where people have fun together while creating amazing work
  • Projects: Exciting projects where team members collaborate and continue to learn
  • Process: Design/Technology/Business collaborating together to deliver great products
  • Problems: Solve problems for customers while generating revenue for businesses.

Your company:

  • You’re an established and innovative software product company.
  • You have an in-house team of passionate designers and developers who value collaboration and the sharing of ideas.
  • You have clear processes in place to consistently deliver great work.
  • You believe in empowering your employees and value their input during the decision making process.
  • You value training and career progression.
  • You understand the importance and benefits of keeping the work week under 40 hours.
  • You care about your employees; their health, career, family and lifestyle.
  • You care about your customers; you understand that they are vital to the success of your product.


  • I’m a User Experience Designer (UI/UX) looking to improve the experience of your product.
  • I value relationships and believe in building great team dynamics and culture.
  • I’m passionate about design and take pride in the work I produce.
  • I prefer Apple-based hardware (purely because some of the software I use is Mac Only).
  • I’m looking for challenging contract roles.

What do I want:

  • I want to work with other passionate people.
  • I want to collaborate, teach and share my design knowledge.
  • I want to continue to learn and grow as a designer.
  • I want to create things that have a soul and benefit people.
  • I want to attend web conferences (e.g. Webstock, UX New Zealand, etc).
  • A team that shares stories and laughs over lunch or a beer.

How do I work:

  • I sketch out ideas and concepts with pen and paper.
  • I collaborate and communicate with designers and developers.
  • I value how well a product works and how great design enhances that experience.
  • I prototype using Invision to convey ideas and functionality.
  • I design based on data and user requirements.
  • I design to solve problems.
  • I design with a minimal/modern approach to make it easier for users to complete tasks.

Let’s do this

I’m currently looking for contract UI/UX opportunities in Wellington, NZ.

If I sound like a good fit please reach out for a chat.