I wanted to make a list of all the things that made 2019 awesome:

  1. TOOL released a new album called “Fear Inoculum”
  2. Surfed an artificial wave at Adventure Parc in Snowdonia, Wales
  3. We bought a new house (it’s getting built and we move in late 2020)
  4. Tried vodka infused with cold brew coffee for the first time
  5. Worked with some amazing people at Dave Clark, DAN and ANZ
  6. Took bodyboards down the massive sand dunes at Castlepoint, New Zealand
  7. Went on a family holiday to Golden Bay, New Zealand with Blair and Carly and their family
  8. Started skateboarding (after a 30-year absence) and take my kids to skate parks all over Wellington, New Zealand
  9. Got a Rocket Espresso Maker (Mozzafiato Evoluzione R) for my 40th birthday (yep, turned 40)
  10. My little boy Charlie started school
  11. Built a self-standing surfboard rack from wooden pallets
  12. Our family went to Rob & Rachel’s (my wife’s sister) wedding in Norway
  13. Lucky enough to take our kids to 6 countries (Singapore, England, Wales, Netherlands, Norway & Australia)
  14. Bought tickets to go see Metallica in 2019 with a friend (the concert was cancelled, still went to Auckland for 2 days)
  15. Bought tickets to go see TOOL in 2020 with Alison
  16. Ate at a Norwegian Michelin Star restaurant with my two kids (purely by luck)
  17. Started working 4 days a week for a better work/life balance
  18. Made surfing and studying more of a priority
  19. Continued to focus on a healthy lifestyle by working out 5-6 times a week
  20. Went to the Chester Zoo in England and saw a rhino
  21. Went to Alton Towers Resort amusement park in Staffordshire, England where Charlie went on his first roller coaster
  22. Obtained a number of UX Design certifications via the Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF).