These are the plugins I used to create the custom WordPress theme for my website. The great thing about WordPress is there’s a ton of great plugins available to add functionality to your site and get it working the way you want.

1. Advanced Custom Fields

To be honest this plugin should really be part of the core WordPress installation. It allows you to add custom fields to your site with ease.

2. Bulk Page Creator

With this plugin you can quickly create the basic website structure by building the foundation, getting the navigation working and then you are free to flesh it out further by adding the website content. A real time saver!

3. Next Page, Not Next Post

The simple navigation I added to the bottom of each portfolio page to let people browse the content quicker. The plugin adds support for previous and next pages plus the added option of returning to the parent page.

4. Simple Page Ordering

This drag ‘n drop plugin allows you to reorder the order in which you want the pages to be displayed. Awesome for portfolio themes!

5. Theme Check

Awesome for custom theme development as it lets you check how coded your theme is and potential areas where you could add improvements. It provides a better understanding of WordPress works and how to create better custom themes. Highly recommended.

6. What The File

This plugin is really useful when you’re starting out and trying to get your head around how WordPress works. It identifies which template file is being used to display a particular page/post. A must for beginners.

7. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Simple. Take comfort in the the fact that your website is being backed up.