Rapid sketching of ideas

Before going too far into my design process, I normally started out by quickly sketching out ideas, user interactions and concepts on paper first. This helps me to get a feel for the layout, navigation and placement consideration while ensuring I capture my thinking if I need to look back on design decisions later in the process.


Splash screen

I’ve been experimenting with the idea of creating a simple iPad/iPhone app where you can choose, print and make an origami platonic solid based on Metatron’s Cube.

Metatron's cube origami app select a shape

Choose a shape to make

From this screen, you select the shape you would like to create and then it would provide you with a printable pdf and video instructions on how to construct the shape.

Metatron's cube origami app select a shape

Icosahedron overview

A brief overview of an icosahedron (source: Wikipedia) with a grid overlay to show how the shape is constructed.

Metatron's cube origami app icosahedron overview

Origami diagram

On this screen, you have the ability to print or share (via email Twitter or Facebook) the origami diagram for others to make.

Metatron's cube origami app diagram

iPhone version

Experimenting with potential layouts for the iPhone version of the app. Not too different from the original iPad layout and responds to the device width.



Metatron's cube origami app iPhone layout

Purchase a framed print

You can also purchase a framed (or unframed) print of the various shapes via the app. The ability to customise the white or black frame with the option for international shipping.


Final design

Here’s a quick mock-up of how I intend the final design to look on an iPhone. I find by providing clients photorealistic mockups in context it helps them to visualize with how the finished product will look.