Clear user pathways

By separating the sign-in and registration process it makes it easier for users to start using the app. It also removes clutter and unwanted UI elements from the screen.

Travel rewards app welcomeTravel rewards app sign in

Current promotions and spend points

Receive promotional information based on your spending preferences (accessible via the more tab). See what you can spend your travel reward points on.

Travel rewards app homeTravel rewards app spend points

Collect points

Find locations were you can earn travel reward points. Users can filter and/or search for participating outlets.

Travel rewards app collect pointsTravel rewards app collect points filter

Company profile

Learn more about a participating store, how to accumulate reward points, current promotions and even directions (physical stores only) to the closest store.

Travel rewards app store detailsTravel rewards app store details scrolled down

Top-up or collect reward points

If you don’t have enough points you quickly top up using your credit card to complete the purchase by paying the outstanding balance. Alternatively, you use the QR code scanner to collect points for each purchase.

Travel rewards app credit card scannerTravel rewards app scan qr code

Account and more

Users can view their Travel Rewards balance and quickly scan their QR code. On the more screen they can connect via social media platforms or find answers to their questions.

Travel rewards app accountTravel rewards app more

Clear user feedback

User feedback is given to ensure the user is made aware something has worked, or the steps they need to take to correct an issue.

Travel rewards app check your emailTravel rewards app points collected


A simple mock-up designed to show the main screens look within the app and to help to promote and market it for future downloads.

Travel rewards app showcase

Rapid prototype

I used InVision to create a simple walk through of the app – the functionality is pretty basic but conveys how the app would potentially be used.