iPhone/iPad app design

Social marketing dashboard

This social marketing/data analytics dashboard collects data from all the various marketing avenues and presents it in a detailed, easy-to-use and highly graphical user interface.

StrategyBlocks online registration

Design the UI/UX for the for the StrategyBlocks registration process. Help guide people through the initial sign up process, explain some of the important principles of strategic management and provide a better understanding of how the software works.

StrategyBlocks iPhone app

StrategyBlocks approached me with the challenging task of designing the UI/UX for their new iPhone app. The mobile version of the app (like most apps) focused on the core functionality of the full-featured product.

StrategyBlocks iPad app (concept)

StrategyBlocks were keen to move away from a flex-based software platform and embrace HTML5/CSS3 and ultimately create a native iPad app as well. I was asked to redesign their current interface and improve the end-user experience.