SimpleTimer iPhone App

A simple timer which let’s you quickly set a reminder so you don’t get preoccupied searching for kittens on the internet.

Social marketing dashboard

This social marketing and data analytics dashboard collects data from various marketing/media avenues then presents it in a detailed, easy-to-use and highly graphical user interface. Bright colours were used to invite user-interaction.

Metatron's Cube origami app

An iPhone/iPad app which guides you through the process of making origami Platonic solids based on Metatron’s Cube.

StrategyBlocks registration

I design the UI/UX for the for the StrategyBlocks online registration process. The 10 steps help guide people through the initial sign up process, explain some of the important (sometimes tricky) principles of strategy management while providing a better understanding of how the software works.

StrategyBlocks iPhone app

StrategyBlocks approached me with the challenging task of designing the UI/UX for their new iPhone app. The mobile version (like most apps) focused on the core functionality of the full-featured product and the tasks most people would want to do while they were away from their desks.

StrategyBlocks iPad app

StrategyBlocks were keen to move away from a flash-based software platform and embrace HTML5/CSS3 and ultimately create a native iPad app as well. I was asked to redesign their current interface and improve the end-user experience.